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Overdue payments

Debt represents money that has been borrowed but not yet been paid back and credit is the money that is available and can be borrowed. Maintaining this balalnce and ratio between debtors and creditors is the skill and talent of Aspira one.

Serving as an outsourcing agent for collection of funds that are to be paid or returned within a stipulated time period Aspira ones team works tirelessly to constantly pursue outstanding payments and delayed payments to ascertain the free flow of currency.

On time payments are usually very rare especially in a market with a financial crunch…borrowing is a pleasure but repayment  never or at least more so.  With this in mind and ensuring smooth flow on inward remittances Aspira one works relentlessly with subtle reminders and religious contact with  the vendors .

It  is crucial for any company or business  to have cash available at any given time for a smooth functioning of day to day activities. This however can be hindered due to delayed payments of borrowed money or deferred invoiced payments. This can effect the growth of the company substantially especially if the receivables are high.

6 effective ways to improve the  accounts receivable –

  1. …use of technology
  2. Reduce or revised Payment Terms. …
  3. Maintain a cordial Work Relationship. …
  4. Offering Multiple Payment Methods. …
  5. Outsourcing through an agency. …
  6. Set Clear Credit Policies. …

On time all the time may be distant but not impossible –

Accounts receivable management company’s like Aspira one step in with their efficient staff dedicated to deal with such specific situations as a viable and feasible solution.

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