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Account receivable management solution

Account receivable management solution headed by the debt recovery services in Chennai is actively involved in monitoring  the payments to be received from debtors.

The assumption that payment has been made effectively once becomes a practice or trend to lend money again or to keep the credits rolling. This however get affected at some time affecting the liquidity of a company.

With an in house legal team and staff working diligently on paper work and follow ups the debt collection agency steps in,  with precision on the repayments of funds.

Through gentle reminders, e mails and visits the agency pursues  the payments and understands the reason for the delays . To ensure the deferred payments do not get converted to debt is the main aim of the collection agency.

The agency understands the contractual agreement between the lender and borrower before getting committed . This enables the agency to step in with advisory services from their experts ,in the financial sphere, on how to plug the loopholes and improve the current system.

Suggestions are offered according to the size of the firm, the amount to be received, the personnel involved and the time frame , to restore the balance between the creditor and debtor.

Determining the strategy , working out appropriate procedures for the collection and ascertaining the flow of liquidity is the role of the debt management firm.





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