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There  is no secret sauce to  running a successful business. There are many factors inter related, inter twined to have a smooth functioning of a business. For a fact that any business functions with the aid of man power , managing the psyche of the staff and managers itself is a mammoth task for any company. To have efficient and skilled manpower is a battle half won. .

But there’s one component of business success that is often overlooked by many owners and entrepreneurs: collecting accounts receivable. Sales may have been great, but companies fail because of poor cash flow due to non –repayments of  borrowed money,  over due  payments or returns that have been categorised as debt.

Like its said one mans meat is another mans poison…delayed payments to the creditor is advantageous to the debtor!. Not returning on time and making excuses becomes the norm for debtors . In order to boost their own cash flow in the ongoing sluggish economy, some companies have made paying their bills late  as a matter of course. If terms are net-30 days, for example, they might not make payment until day 45 or later. Or if payment is due in 45 days, they might stretch this out to 60 days or longer.

As the owner of a small business, it may at times or often times be frustrating  when it comes to getting the customers to pay their bills on time.  Not being in a position to monitor efficiently can be it due to untrained staff,  staff strength, lack of knowledge, lack of time , incorrect paper work or fear of threats,

Aspira one as a trained and skilled debt recovery firm handles collection of accounts receivables with prowess. With substantial banking expertise and legal advisory as their strength Aspira one delicately and dexterously deals with the debtors

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