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Psychology of a Collection agency

Debt collection is a very challenging, demanding and ambitious assignment. It is not for the weak hearted. It is not only about listening and empathising. but about  skillfull negotiation , strategizing and working together with the debtor and creditor.

The qualities which need to be pre-dominant for debt collection -:


This is a skill…to listen patiently. This is not in-born but may need to be cultivated. The person on the other end of the line always has a long story to tell, with justifications and rhetoric. To be able to listen to this attentively and understanding the fine prints is an art.!


Debt collection agency is like treading on eggshells. The agent needs to be very sensitive and careful especially in dealing with an already embarrassed debtor. Conversations and choice of words may need to be rehearsed.

Staying calm

Debtors and creditors are likely to be talking incoherently and that too for long. To remain calm and decipher what is being told is a strength. Ultimately the steam will have to run out!

Being Firm, clear and concise

Message from the collection agency needs to be crisp and clear. Slowing down… Speaking in a calm, even, well-paced voice is an advantage. This carries the sense of gravitas and authority over the phone .


This  comes  and grows naturally with  work knowledge . The agency has to be updated with  detailed information on   prevailing banking norms, legal procedures, psychological behaviours and communication skill.

 Client relationship

Meeting and comprehending the debtors, understanding their perspectives , negotiating with them if necessary and maintaining cordial relations charismatically. Similarly the creditors need to be assessed as well on the terms and contracts they sign.

 Trained staff

Being a leader and ensuring team work with a team that is trained regularly and updated with the market scenario.


To be able to decide the clients and  the files that can be handled to ensure a win-win situation for all.

Staying positive with a sense of humour  and being flexible in discussions with the debtors and creditors is a mark of a successful collection agency.

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