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Better Late than Never – Debt Recovery

Borrowers of funds for reasons best known to them do not respect the dates committed. There are always exceptions to the rule. However it does get challenging for the creditors to keep their firms functioning smoothly with intermittent cash flow. When payments are past the due dates there is a cascading effect that negatively impacts the daily activities and chores of the company. This, of course, has its own psychological impacts and can result in unpleasantness in extreme cases. It is in situations like this, mostly, that collection agency’s get hired for their services to recover the funds. Once bitten twice shy is proverbial in such instances when either the creditor learns not to give funds to the defaulting borrower or be smart in using the recovery service before matter goes beyond mind!

From the creditors point of view polite reminders are initially sent from the accounts section. It’s only when the payments are likely to get delinquent or become categorized as debt that the agency steps in. The collection agency follows up more firmly and persistently. The borrower needs to understand the seriousness of the delay and its negative impact.

The collection agency ensures the communication is effective. They are very cautious and strategic in the choice of words and diplomacy is prime. Patience is the mother of all virtue…and this goes a long way in dealing with borrowers with delinquent accounts.

Collection agency is very steadfast in their approach. They spend time in understanding the borrower’s perspective for the delays .Based on which they negotiate and strategize to ensure the creditor, borrow and the agency benefit. They may suggest different options for payment, staggering and structuring it according to the complexity.

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