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Savoir Faire / Debt collection agency

Does debt collection fit into your profile  ?

Do you have the wherewithal to start an agency ?

How strong is your emotional quotient ?

Do you have the business acumen ?

How would you grade your risk appetite ?

Are you open and receptive to learning ?

Are you ready to make and take an informed decision ?

Administering an agency has to fit into your lifestyle and business class. Go ahead and start one or join hands with an established agency. The skill sets, professionalism and prowess required to run an agency need to be a part of your persona .

To run a successful agency, past business experience in financing, banking and wealth management comes in as an asset. The emotional and physical demands of not only being an agent, but grooming an entire office and agency, will have to a part of your stride.

An agency can be physically and emotionally demanding as well. How strong are you…?? Your emotional well-being can take a toll on your physical health. Are they compatible? Do you succumb easily to pressures or are  ready to face and counter challenges…they can be in any form at any time.!  You may have to meet energy parasites, Literally draining you. How stable are you to handle these vampires? Question yourself truly and honestly as it would reflect in your work culture.

Are you a peoples person…small talk , public relations, coffee table conversations, social get togethers, working late hours  are a part and parcel of orchestrating a collection agency.

If yes, then you are  making the right decision… put on the right gear and step out to set up an agency.

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