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Marketing Strategy / Debt Collection

A collection agency has to have a strong marketing strategy. A sound branding campaign includes a gamut of planning.   Innovative and creative ideas will need to be introduced to bring the right visibility in the right domains and spheres.

A comprehensive website with the detailed services listed, frequently asked questions and the relevant contact details of the personnel concerned needs to be hosted.  Calls received need to be aptly and deftly answered with the appropriate information. Scripts can be drafted to ensure the pertinent vocabulary is used. Based on the calls the clients should be invited to the office to understand the functioning’s of the agency. This instantly results in a comfort level between the agency and the client.  Its always an asset to meet and discuss than to take questions over the phone.

Visiting cards, brochures, pamphlets based on the need and requirement can be printed to be given to relevant clients.

The branding and marketing exercise has to create the right perception. How you are different from the already established businesses, your unique presence and your strengths need to be highlighted. The image of the business needs to speak through the branding.

Positioning yourself in the ever so competitive market , standing apart with your dominance and keeping your company in the limelight is the highlight of branding.

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