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Borrowers Recourse/ Debt Collection

You are in a fix…you see no light at the end of a tunnel…a dead end….

That doesn’t necessarily mean you are stuck…

There are different ways out of the maze. Yes you maybe hassled, under pressure, frustrated, stressed…but that’s when you need to STOP..step back, sit down, and work on options. You probably are too fatigued to think. But the media offers a wide range of possibilities, to start with, to Step up and face your fears!.

Yes we are referring to a debtor in dire straits …steeped deep with financial burden ,under a pile of  documents, recurring phone calls, reminders, arbitration notices and visits from the collection agency.

It is advisable to find a solution, sooner than later, to return the amount borrowed as per the contractual terms.  Meet, discuss, and settle with a compromise. The more the delay the amount keeps accruing.

Depending on the contractual terms it is preferred to either meet the creditor directly or discuss through the collection agency. It is likely that you may have borrowed from different individuals ,at different times and under different terms!!

So the best solution would be to get transparent , lay your cards down and have an open discussion. The collection agency carries with it varied experiences and has phenomenal knowledge based on multifarious dealings .

Depending on the amount size and time frames a list of the  debts can be charted and alternatives designed.

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