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If YOU are in Debt… // Recovery

Are you in debt??

Is it overdue ??

How do you propose to repay ?

What are your repayment options?

Are you clear on your priorities and options?

These are questions a debtor needs to be conscious of and repeatedly keep answering  The creditor kept his side of the deal and lent money in all good faith as part of a business deal or friendship. It’s the part of the borrower to keep his word and maintain his side of the transaction.

The borrower probably feels harassed or under pressure with repeated calls and reminders. Well that’s the job of the agency. If the borrower truly kept to his commitment of time and word, he wouldn’t feel perturbed. That psychological aspect has to be dealt separately.

Money lending is a business, be it by a bank or an individual. Rising interest rates and fluctuations in the economic sphere do not necessarily reflect on an increase in the salary or purchasing power. On the adverse they disrupt the balance and the budgeting process. This leaves the borrower in a flux struggling to service home, vehicle or personal loans.

The borrower may need to re adjust and make lifestyle changes to compensate for the ever fluctuating and volatile market. This however does not absolve him of the responsibility of not paying back. He would have to weigh different options or maybe call a collection agency himself to seek advice.

Aspira one provides advisory service to both creditor and debtor preserving relations and business.