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Money COF / Recovery and Budgeting

Money is the chief operating force in any business. How these funds are used, structured and rotated reflect in the balance sheet and turnover of a company. Giving and taking loans form part of most business houses as it helps in minimizing, controlling and budgeting the functional costs. A company may have its regular set expenditure based on the nature of business, number of staff and the daily liquidity. This is where budgeting plays a role.

Just like homes are managed and run based on the earning members income, similarly business houses operate with a capital, budget , plan and function based on future projections . There is much research and development before a company is started.  Based on the funds in hand or expected funds from outstanding payments budgeting is meticulously planned taking into consideration the expenses versus the income. It is a balance that needs to be maintained with foresight and hindsight. Exigencies and untoward incidents need to be accounted for, saving for the so called rainy day! Savings may vary on different investment plans pivoting on the cash flow, income and profits.

This sort of budgeting enables homes and corporate houses to project on how expenditure can be limited, how resources need to be spent, how funds can be rotated , how loans can be granted and how loans can be repaid.

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