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Being in Debt / Debt Recovery Services

The tag of being addressed as a debtor with money owed to the market is not a very healthy sign. News travels fast. The market adds fuel to the fire and this causes a bad impression on the reputation of the debtor. Company’s and individual get wary of the debtor in having any financial transactions. However there are always 2 sides to a story!

Being in debt is not really a pleasant situation. Having debt collectors calling, emailing and prodding for money can be very traumatizing. From the side of the debtor it is best not to ignore their demands. On hindsight it is best to meet the collectors and work on a strategy together. The collectors with their varied experiences in dealing with different clients can offer solutions that would benefit all parties concerned. The collectors are actually trying to help.  They are getting paid for their services and handling the debtors with expertise is their profession.

Instead of evading the collector’s calls and emails the debtor might want to start thinking about working with the collectors to pay off their outstanding’s.

By meeting with the collectors the debtor should realize that he no longer will have to deal with the incessant calls and letters. Once he has clarified his stand the collection agency will have to think of other ways and means to proceed further. The debtor and his family will not be troubled with the constant ringing of the phones….that too at untimely hours.

By meeting the agents for a discussion it is possible that the credit scores and ratings may improve. Otherwise being blacklisted for future loans, approvals for accounts with banks and applying for credit cards is a high impossibility.

By meeting with the collection agents, the biggest advantage is not ending up in the court. The threat of being sued and appearing in court is always like the Damocles sword!.

By meeting with the agents and being transparent all cards can be laid on the table to avoid any form of stress and anxiety.

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